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Todd Milne

Todd Milne
Electric Bamboo Flute & Ukulele 

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Merge Dualities: natural, textural nuance with the tight precision of technology; programmed trance inducing rhythms against never-play-the-same-thing-once improvisation; experimental creation within the lineage of musics of the worlds people... "When I see a piece developing in a certain direction, I throw in the monkey-wrench". UNIVERSE FUSION. My intention in creating music is to stimulate spiritual thought, feeling & action through sound. A sort of sonic parable: love, struggle, awe of the universe, the wonder of nature, represented with fantastic aural imagery to engage the listener within a transcendent experience. Vast, diverse and often hard to categorize, the music combines a soulful emotional presence with strangely unfamiliar stylings. Although my primary instrument is the Electric Bamboo Flute, I compose and perform on a wide variety of instruments and sound sources. I view the recorded medium much like a painters canvas. I am an experimenter, love to jam with others, and have performed for many years throughout the Spokane area.
Todd Milne performs & produces Electro-Acoustic World Fusion Music for Meditation, Massage, Yoga, Dance and other Wellness Practices. He plays Electric Bamboo Flutes (constructed by Mr. Milne himself) and Ukulele, performing Solo, and with his band Moksha. His style pays homage to traditions from around the world. Deeply contemplative and serene, the music permeates the environment and induces a transcendental sense of peace and relaxation. His performances and recordings have become popular among those seeking healing and respite from the stresses of modern living.

Mr. Milne has performed, recorded and studied music for over 30 years, listening to and absorbing sounds spanning the musical spectrum, as well as undertaking studies in World Music Theory, Sound Physics and Audio Technology. He is a featured Soloist with SafarSpokane Taiko , and the author of the musical reference book Scales & Modes of World Music.

He is the owner of Perimeter Sound Arts music production studio, producing and publishing CDs, Soundtrack Music and Sound Libraries. He works in a wide variety of projects ranging from World-influenced Ambient to Rock-Blues-Funk Fusion and Experimental Electronica. He has helped produce other artists ranging from Hip-hop to Folk and many diverse genres, and has created music for CBS Sports, Fox Reality Channel and other network television, along with producing sound libraries for software applications for M-Audio. With the bands he has played in, solo offerings, and work with others, he has built a reputation as an original, eclectic Musician & Producer. He offers Audio-Visual production services through Case42 Creative Media.
{{{"When he plays, it's like the notes are set free. You can hear the gratitude." - Rob York}}}

{{{"The aural equivalent of the Evergreen state. Milne's music reveals all sides of nature - from the mysteries of the forest at night to a rain soaked dawn. His flute work makes you consider the etymology of "woodwind"." - Nick D.,}}}

{{{"This is quite possibly some of the most thought provoking music I have experienced." - El Rojo, Texas, USA}}}

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